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Cogito International Poetry competition 2013

The 100 best poems of international poetry competition will be published in an anthology.

The first 10 students secundaristas of the public and private sectors will also be covered.

Registration is open until October 18 to participate in the International Poetry Competition 2013 Cogito.

The author may submit poems written in Portuguese, English, Spanish, French, Italian, German and Arabic.

The contest entries will be R $ 30.00 (thirty reais) for authors with poems in Portuguese, and € 40.00 (forty euros) into the other languages​​.

The first hundred winners will receive diploma "Merit Honor" and the right to participate in the Cogito - Collection of poems, a collection designed to reward the best poems of the contest.

The work will be published in Portuguese, but the texts referred to in other languages ​​will also be published originals.

The winner will participate in grace of Focus - Poetic Anthology VIII and receive 50 copies of the book.

There will also be the category "best students", where the top ten poems written by students in public or private schools are frequenting secondary education will also be rewarded with the diploma and also placed first participation in the Focus.

The contest will have a judging committee composed of five members and texts will be judged obeying the criteria of originality, creativity, dominion in poetic language and the language purism.

Check the edict:

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